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When I first met Kim, I was stressed from my job, and suffering depression and anxiety, I had high blood pressure and my mother had died, just 2 month before and I was having trouble sleeping, as well as being overweight. I had no idea about meditation but was willing to try anything. Kim took me through the different forms of meditation, so I could see which form would suit me, as well as being able to discuss issues that were causing me anxiety and stress.

Through meditation and the mentoring from Kim, I was able to work through my issues ad resolve some of my stress and anxiety. I am now free of blood pressures tablets, I no longer take medications for Depression and Anxiety, although, I am still talking through some issues, I am starting to lose weight and I am sleeping better and thoroughly enjoy meditation.

Thanks Kim for your efforts on my behalf and just being there to talk to. I recommend to anyone to talk to Kim and try meditation.

Johanna de Ruyter

Kim was my ICF Accreditation Coach/Mentor, this required her to work with me one on one and to facilitate a group process learning process to guide us all in learning the necessary skills to succeed in our ICF Accreditation. Kim’s skill as a Coach was demonstrated in several ways her – her wealth of experience and expertise as a Coach was illustrated in how she asked questions to make connections and draw insights from us, when required to illustrate key elements of the ICF principles. She energised us with her warm humour and empathetic presence and navigated the fine balance of feedback and support in our abilities.

Liliya Samigullina

Kim, I deeply appreciate all your effort, knowledge and support for your mentorship in ICF preparation application process. During your mentorship I have realised the value and importance of the supervision and mentor coach even more. I loved the pre-application time by itself as an additional source of learning for me to become a professional coach . Thank you so much for your open heart, genuine, light approach and willingness to help us for our success. I have no hesitations to recommend you to any new coaches in future. With all my appreciations and gratitude I wish you all the best in New Year, love, wisdom and inspiration.

Annie Rettie

Going through the process of becoming ACC has challenged me and my coaching and has made me much more effective and confident as a coach. For that alone it has been a fantastic journey that all your coachees will benefit from.

Markus O. Winzer
Effectiveness, Results & Leadership Coach

Before I got to know Kim I was not really shown how to achieve my ICF accreditation and was not sure what level of experience and details were required to succeed. Working with Kim was really effective. Not only did she mentor me throughout the preparation, but she also enabled us (me and other mentees) to learn, study, and share about the Core Competencies in a group workshop. Kim was knowledgeable, precise and led the mentoring sessions with passion and expertise. Especially going through the Core Competencies with a group made a difference in preparing for the ICF exams. Now I am fully certified as ACC coach, I am truly grateful to Kim for your support and guidance. For anyone that wants to become an accredited coach, grow in their coaching ability – especially adhering to the ICF standards, I can highly recommend working with Kim.

Helen Gray
Professional Sustainability and Wellbeing Coach

“When I commenced the International Coaching Federation certification process I initially viewed it as ‘jumping through hoops’ to get a recognised coaching accreditation. However, through the deep dive involved in the Mentoring sessions with Kim, I began to understand the value and importance of the coaching core competencies. The process enabled me to deepen my knowledge and skills around coaching and to use the group mentoring to share insights and explore coaching practices and nuances. I believe the process of going for the ICF ACC accreditation has not only added to my coaching skills and knowledge but has also given me a framework to continue to grow my coaching. Even if you don’t want the accreditation, the process of reflecting and exploring how the ICF Core Competencies relate and inform your coaching is one every coach will benefit from, and Kim is an awesome Coach Mentor skilled in this area.”

Michelle Richmond
In Focus Consulting

Kim Townsend facilitated workshops during my retreats. Kim has the rare ability to be able to pick up on a theme and run with it to build on the body of work in process.

Her dynamic and creative process allowed the participants to go deeper into themselves and discover more of who they are.

To ‘go out of their minds’ and not only into their hearts, but into a state of ‘presence’ quickly and effortlessly, which is usually a challenge for any facilitator.

Kim’s no nonsense, call it as it is approach cuts through the white noise in way that people feel safe to be authentically themselves.

If there is a common theme in the feedback I have heard about Kim over the years, it is trust. People trust her, and in trusting her they can then trust themselves.

As one of my Professor friends said ‘Trust’ is the central point of healing. Which I think sums up the gift that Kim brings to all who cross her path, in her presence people heal, within the healing comes the power to create and within that creativity comes joy, happiness and fulfilment. There is no greater gift that one person can gift another, wouldn’t you say?

If you haven’t guessed it already, I rate Kim as one very, very special human being whom I am honoured to share life with.

Dr Ute Goeft
MindBody Coaching

Over the years I have come to love and respect Kim both as a professional and a person. She is personable, friendly and wise, as well as highly skilled, switched on and really interested in people. 

I feel very fortunate to have Kim as my coach and experience her exceptional coaching prowess. She has amazed me with her skilful use of her ‘toolbox’ and her knack for asking the right questions at the right time. She seems to always know what your needs are and ‘gets’ where you are at, so she can pick you up and help you progress on your chosen path, even if you don’t know yourself which one it is (yet). 

Kim is not only a gifted coach but also a wonderful and supportive mentor and I can’t recommend her highly enough if you want someone to make your journey on this planet a richer, easier and more authentic one for yourself.