Mid-life Crisis or Mid-Life Transformation

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New Year’s Resolution

New Year Resolutions That Stick

So, you’ve made your New Year’s Resolution – again! Why is it going to stick this time, when for so many years it hasn’t? I’m going to quit smoking, lose…
overwhelmed and undervalued

Make Yourself Priority #1

Mums! It is time to make yourself Priority # 1. Selfish? NO. Practical? YES! Just think about it a minute. While you are running around being mum, wife/partner/single, cook, cleaner,…
hazard or harbour dust

Moving House and De-Cluttering

Do you really need everything you own? Do you use what you have or is it just clutter? Is it affecting your health? Can you always find what you need?…
transition in life

Coming of age… Not growing old.

The great things about growing old I suppose you could say that I have recently become obsessed with growing old or aging. I constantly hear friends sigh, and say, ‘Oh…
back to school

Settling into School

Some kids, and parents, can’t wait to go back to school. Though for some, it is full of stress and anxiety, which can extend through to the rest of the…
three little words

Watch your mouth!

‘I don’t care’ are three little words that get dished out every day, on a regular basis to kids and adults, which have consequences a lot deeper that you may…