Ageing is natural – get a grip on it.

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physically and mentally

What is it today with the obsession with looking young? Apparently it is OK to be 40, but not OK to look 40. Whatever that looks like!

Anti-aging is a billion dollar plus, international business, focusing on pills and potions to ingest or apply, chemicals to colour hair and intrusive medical procedures to scrape, remove or implant chemical filled foreign objects into the body. It focuses on the external physical side of our existence. All for the sake of beauty, whatever it is for you. All for what?

I saw a video the other day of a woman obsessed with having melon-like breasts. She had spent $250000 on over 20 procedures. Had infections and nearly lost her life. She was not happy with her 38KKK and went back for a 38MMM enlargement. She only had a tiny frame. She could not tie her own shoelaces and was constantly plagued with back pain. “I love my breasts. I am nothing without my breasts”, she would say. I know this is exceptionally extreme, but it happens.

The sooner we all realise that true beauty and anti-aging comes from within, the better society and the world at large will be physically and mentally. This obsession to deny and avoid a natural part of life is more damaging than you realise. How many women, in particular, do you know who feel miserable because they do not look like the photo-shopped, airbrushed images of models who have spent hours in hair and make-up to look natural and are wearing borrowed clothes? How is this affecting our teenage girls?

The best way to stay young is to have a positive mindset, see the beauty in life and laugh often to nurture your spirit. Have lots of fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. This physiologically affects your cells to keep you healthy and happy and can slow the physical ageing of your meat suit. And even if your body is worn, it is your spirit that gives you life and true beauty, anyway.

Love yourself, love your life, live long with spirit.

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