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Kim Townsend is a woman and a leader who walks her talk. She is a straight shooter whose direct and honest approach is fuelled by her rich life experiences. 

This has led her to know with uncompromising certainty that the key to creating your dreams and living a fulfilling life is having the courage to step into vulnerability, fully embrace who you are, accept responsibility for yourself and take inspired actions to make empowering changes.

At 45 years old, Kim was feeling lost, unfulfilled and without direction. The adventure and fun she loved in her younger years seemed to be a thing of the past. She was exhausted from running fast, working hard, looking after family and squeezing in her own needs in the gaps.

She had forgotten who she was.

As a kid, Kim always felt the odd one out. She was clever, capable and a quiet achiever, often being elevated to leadership positions, which puzzled her as on the inside she was shy and petrified to speak up. She had a presence that was wise beyond her years.

Through challenging life experiences, including a cancer scare, drug addiction, abusive relationships, single parenting and caring for family with dementia, Kim’s resilience and ability to adapt to change became a superpower.

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The idea of a career was not on the radar. Seeking to belong, in search of adventure, satisfaction, validation and appreciation, she walked the road less travelled, accumulating a myriad of skills and regularly changing jobs. From training as a nurse to travelling in a campervan working the ski fields and picking fruit, Kim did it all. She worked in hospitality in Australia and New Zealand, and even sold hardware or snack foods. She had a go at business with a catering van servicing the film industry and later with a franchise making magnetic insect screens.

After graduating from a long term residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, Kim became Executive Assistant to the Director and Psychologist. This led to outreach Youth Work in Youth Centres and Crisis refuges.

So she could be available for her children, she chose to mix and match casual work and was heavily involved in her son’s school. She held the position of President of the Parents & Citizens association for many terms before standing down and being invited to join the school staff. That led to many years with the Department of Education in roles such as Office Administrator and Teacher’s Aid; working one on one with children who needed support.

She loves art, creativity, adventure and travel.

Kim has proven she was courageous and not afraid of change and could turn her hand to anything. However, she was still unfulfilled.

Kim the Coach

In 2008, Kim discovered the Personal Development industry and found her tribe. She finally tapped into the value of studying and embodying the power of self-awareness, mindset and looking inward.

This led to a deep dive of study and inner work. Learning about herself, releasing trapped traumas and discarding the “I’m OK” mask, to dare to be vulnerable and reveal and embrace her true authentic self, was where she discovered the fulfilment and freedom she was seeking.

The biggest aha moment was that fulfilment was not to be found by DOING. It was to be created through BEING! Through deeply connecting with her heart and emotions. It was scary but hugely rewarding.

Studying NLP, Results Coaching, Meditation, Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapy as well as training with leading researcher and professor Brené Brown has equipped Kim with a creative tool kit to support others through change, to fully embrace who they are and to become the most brilliant expression of themselves.

The resilience, empathy and compassion she developed along this path, plus formal studies with world leaders, were the perfect foundation to become a highly effective coach for individuals and groups.

Kim Townsend is now an internationally certified coach, who mentors other coaches to gain their international credentials.

She is the ‘Queen of Calm’ and a Freedom Facilitator, believing that stress and its origins are the major contributors to an unfulfilled life.

Kim is passionate about intergenerational connectedness, family, health, community, creativity, adventure and travel. She uniquely melds creativity and spirituality with structure and strategy to build the road to fun, freedom and fulfilment. Her real value is in her playful authenticity and innate wisdom.

Meet Kim

Your Personal Life Coach & Mentor

“Here’s what I’m all about…”

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My Purpose

My purpose is to experience and learn how to be the most brilliant version of myself to create my dream life of fun, fulfillment, and freedom. To learn from my experience and to support you to do the same.

Embodying inner harmony creates a ripple effect to create World Harmony.

My Vision and Mission

My vision is of a community where individuals take full responsibility for their health, their actions and who they are. Where they actively support others to be the most brilliant version of themselves, to positively impact the community and planet.

My mission is to support individuals to feel safe, valued and empowered to engage in open, authentic communication, to develop meaningful connections that build communities of people who value honesty, inclusion, integrity, and collaboration.

To be confident family and community leaders, to support and value the aged and mentor and nurture our children. To encourage families to work together and value and build intergenerational connectedness to create a more harmonious lifestyle for all.

Working together, we can create organisational change from the ground up and have a positive impact in shaping a prosperous world that is full of adventure, kindness and joy.

“When you are overcome with stress, you do not have the capacity to move or even see beyond basic survival.
Let’s work together so you can free yourself from the chains that hold you down.”

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My Values


So I can support others, I need to be in my best health – mind, body and spirit. And so do you.

Ordinary Courage

Ordinary Courage is having the courage to speak openly from my heart, sharing vulnerability to be honest, allowing growth and creating deeper interpersonal connections. Life is a dance between vulnerability and courage. Dare to dance!

Compassion and Empathy

The ability to listen with my heart and assist without judgement, for others to build the trust that is required to share pain and to accept support.

Walk my Talk

Leading by example and having the honesty say ‘I don’t know, but we’ll find out’ is the best form of integrity, authenticity and credibility you can find.


Creativity is the centre of innovation and self-expression. It is a key component of change.

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