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Are you overwhelmed, stuck or lost?

Your head is racing, you can’t think beyond now, you feel out of control and never have enough time to do what you want to?

Or do you find you don’t sleep well, live with a constantly upset stomach, can’t focus, are exhausted and have emotions that are all over the place?

These are all symptoms of stress.

There are many paths to learn to be the calm in the chaos.

Choose the path that fits YOU the best.

  • Either 1:1 or group, online or in person
  • With a mindset, creative or spiritual focus …or a combo of them all.

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Life Coach and Mentor in Australia

Take charge of your life, or someone or something else will

Over the years I have heard these words a lot!

“I will be happy when I…achieve some goal; meet the right partner etc….”

“I am this way because of…something that happened…and I can’t help it.”

“This is just me. This is how I am. I can’t do anything about it.”

…and I have said them myself!

Now, I know that when you change your perception or belief you change your outcome and:

“You can be happy while you achieve your goals and wait to meet the right partner.”

“What has happened to you has helped shape who you are, and there is wisdom in the experience.”

“When you become curious and fully engage in self-awareness to learn about yourself, take responsibility and inspired action to fully embrace who you are, you will find more fun, freedom and fulfillment every day.”

There are so many ways to discover the opportunities and gifts in a challenge when you choose courage over comfort.

Are you ready to get real with yourself, dig deep and shed your baggage?

You’re in the right place to make it happen. Let me show you the tools and strategies to design the future that you love.

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Why choose Kim?

Six reasons to work with an internationally certified coach

She practices what she preaches

A woman and a leader who walks her talk. She is a straight shooter whose direct and honest approach is fuelled by her rich life experiences.

She listens to understand

Many clients say she is calm, non-judgmental, trustworthy and I feel safe.

She’s fun and engaging

Playfulness, fun and laughter are key elements to engagement and stressless learning

She knows her stuff

Over 13 years of personal development and decades of lived experience can do that. She is a lifelong learner.

Internationally certified coach

An internationally certified coach who mentors other coaches to gain their international credentials.

International best-selling author

Kim is the co-author of Elevate Your Results – the most inspiring way to take your results to the next level.


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Best-Selling Author | Life Coaching and Mentoring
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Find out how I will walk beside you and support you to step into the most brilliant version of yourself.

Best-Selling Author
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